Deeds, not Words

"Deeds, not Words (GM-less)"

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Type: Rollespill
Arrangør: Esteban Manchado Velazquez
Rom: 401
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Maks deltagere: 6
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"Deeds, not Words" is a GM-less role-playing game about civil rights activism. The rules could work for most activist groups, but the base game comes with information and inspiration prompts for the suffragettes--the radical, violent English group that fought for women's suffrage. They fought the police with jiu-jitsu and clubs, burned buildings, were beaten up and arrested, set bombs, destroyed public property, outsmarted the police using diversions and decoys, gave speeches, and more to achieve their goals.

This game celebrates their work and allows you to play out the lives and struggles or three suffragettes. The rules are very simple and the story is very easy to build, regardless of your knowledge of the history of the group (the resulting story doesn't have to be historical, either!). The chapters in the story will be a mix of slice-of-life scenes about their daily struggles, and action scenes about their clashes with the police, anti-suffrage activists, politicians, journalists, and anyone else who opposed the movement.

If you like indie GM-less games, creative storytelling, or have any interest in civil rights or feminism, this should be up your alley. The session will be facilitated by the author of the game, so you can have insights about its design and development if that's your thing.

NB: This session will be in English!

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